Sunday, November 09, 2008

Master Shifu

Joey Mason-Master Shifu

A quick one today, in honor of Kung Fu Panda, which just came out on video; and Master Shifu, my favorite of the designs by master designer Nicolas Marlet.

This film is really solid after a second viewing, and is one of my favorite animated movies... there are just so many cool things they did with it, alternating from broad comedy to drama and really pulling it off as an action film.

The 2-D openers and closers are incredible, and had an influence on what I'm doing with my work now... a big part of me wished the whole 88 minutes had looked like that! I'm really hoping it is a sign of things to come-- painting became more expressive after photography was invented, so hopefully 3-D animation gives 2-D a chance to breathe and explore new ground.

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