Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drawing Salon - "Animals and Beasts"

A study from The Gallery Girls' "Late Night Drawing Salon". The theme was "Animals and Beasts", hence the animal-ish costumes.

A few of the drawings I've posted only over at my deviantart account: Mr-Representational.deviantart.com

Film Crew

Here's some sketches of crew members and extras from a movie they're filming at the old bank down the street. The big light on the crane is being used to shine in through the windows (which were covered with gold plastic sheeting), I guess so they can shoot day scenes in the evening.

The film is evidently called "A Movie" because that's the answer I got when I asked security what they were filming. Not very original, maybe that's the working title.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sketch Explosion! 4 - Skate Park

These are some studies from SketchClub on Friday... we went to the skate park in Culver City (great suggestion Marcelo!) This was a lot of fun, just quick and expressive sketches.

The really good skateboarders stay "in the zone" even when they're waiting or taking a break they are leaning into it, balancing. And even though the park requires everyone to wear a helmet, almost no one fastens them. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sketch Explosion! 3 - Frazetta GIrl

Here's some drawings from The Drawing Club a few weeks back-- the theme was "Frazetta Girl", a model character based on the women of fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta. A great theme!

If you're in LA you can join in the fun every Thursday-- more info at www.thedrawingclub.com Check out the blog there for one image I didn't post here and everyone else's awesome work!

Sketch Explosion! 2 -Catching Up Some More

Here's some more people sketches!

In addition to these being a good warmup, sometimes I stumble some great ideas for characters-- whether it's a new way of handling a certain facial feature, or a unusual proportion...

Leave me a comment if your eyes really respond to something, see something you think works well (or not so well)!

* The guy with the bowler hat hangs around our neighborhood striking up conversation ("How do you like living in a loft?" etc.) and right before leaving, offers to sell you some fancy electronics out of his metallic party gift bag.

Sketch Explosion! 1 -Catching Up

It's a sketch explosion!

My scanner is starting to smoke a little, but I'm finally done catching up on scanning all my practice sketches from the last few weeks. Here's the first installment - enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Peeps

Here's some more faces I captured in the ol' sketchbook. First up is a few pedestrians from right here on Main St.; second in line are some diners enjoying some gyros at the Sketchclub hangout, Daphne's.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello, Blog, I've missed you.

Hey everybody! I've been taking a break from the internets to make some headway on things; I feel very fortunate recently to have a lot of work to finish up, but it's meant stepping away from all the online fun for a while, now I can breathe a bit.

I'll forgo all the usuals about still being alive, etc. etc., and instead hand out some fun people sketches from the last few weeks.

Been trying to keep a little promise to myself, that I would get out and draw from life every day (or as often as I can). It's one of those things that I know is good exercise for my art, but I always find excuses not to do, sometimes just because it seems like fun and not work. :)

I'm getting into a good habit though, so there's more on the way tomorrow, and once I get caught up I'll try to post more often.