Saturday, September 26, 2009

This coming month, I'll have some of my work up at Café Muse in Hollywood as their featured artist for October!

Cafe Muse is a cafe & coffeehouse featuring live music and an art gallery, located at 6547 Santa Monica Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood's Theater Row. Check out for more info.


Also, to celebrate, we're hosting an Opening Night next Sunday, October 4th from 8-10pm including a special performance by my good friend Kenipha, a fantastic jazz vocalist from San Diego! Guitarist Ray Brown will accompany her.

If you're in LA and would like to come by, you can also click on this link to RSVP on Facebook (which will help with catering plans):

See you there!

Gypsies & Thieves

Been a busy dude lately, but I made it out to the Late Night Drawing Salon last night. This month's theme was "Gypsies of Malabomba"!

The Gallery Girls hold a monthly figure drawing sessions in Downtown and at Drink 'n' Draw in Hollywood, along with other long and short pose workshops around town. To get updates about future events, email Jen at to join the mailing list.

What is Malabomba? Hear the best music you've never heard at The Bordello Bar every 3rd Thursday-- Balkan Brass Beats, Romany Rock 'n Roll, Turkish Garage, Persian Mambo, Ethiopian Soul, Bollywood Funk, Peruvian Psychedelic Cumbia, Soviet Disco, and more! Visit for more info.

Friday, July 31, 2009

NightHawks LA Group Show this Saturday Night!

What a week!

Thanks everyone who stopped by at Comic-Con and said hello! I am still catching up and in recharge mode but I'll be back to posting this weekend.

If you are in LA and surrounding, I will see you tomorrow at NightHawks Presents! My first entry in a group show -- thanks for including me you guys! In addition to art there's going to be live bands and fire dancers too -- don't miss it!

When trouble needs to be stirred up,
NightHawksLA come out to play.

NightHawksLA Presents
An evening of Art and Music
Where Social Lounge
1519 Griffith Park Blvd.
Silverlake, CA 90026
$10 cover

Featuring Music by:
Cat Hair Ensemble
Fish Circus
Odious Ari & The Syphilitic Syncopaths

And Art by:
Debra Bianculli - Painting
Joey Mason - Illustration
Eva Montealegre - Painting
Dominic Quagliozzi - Painting
Sarit - Photography
Official Site:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Upcoming Events & Sketchbooks!

CORRECTION: I am in I I - 16 , not JJ-16 as listed in the Comic-Con program!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been really busy getting ready for Comic-Con... In the meantime, here's some info about Comic-Con and a show I'll be in on August 1!

Next week at
Comic-Con, I'll be in Artist's Alley II-16 with copies of my brand new sketchbook, Tangent 2! I'll also have some groovy postcard sets and Volume 1 of Tangent. I can't wait! Stop by and say hello!

A little about my sketchbooks:

Tangent. is 120 pages of original art, sketches and drawings collected from 2002-2007.

Tangent. 2 is all-new, 48 full-color pages of pop culture characters and life study. This is my first color sketchbook!

Stop by early-- I'll have a limited amount on sale at the show.

If you're not going to Comic-Con or prefer to order online, get yours now on my storefront:

Also, I'm very proud to mention that on August 1, I'll have work in a group show with NightHawks LA at the Where Lounge in Silverlake! Stay tuned for more details! The flier below is by Anthony D'Amato!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Late Night Drawing Salon: Sci-Fi!

It's a Sci-Fi Weekend! Posting a few of my drawings from this month's Late Night Drawing Salon before going to see Moon!

The Late Night Drawing Salon is a great monthly model workshop thrown by The Gallery Girls. This month's theme was Sci-Fi, featuring looks inspired by Blade Runner, Mad Max, Barbarella and films of that era.

I'm trying out using some more color elements than I have recently. These are marker on paper, 14x17".


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Spectacular Spider-Man "Graphic" BGs

Couple of busy days, so here's some more Spectacular Spider-Man stuff!

These are backgrounds I designed and vector-painted for the main title sequence. These are based on storyboards by the masterful Phil Weinstein! It was a lot of fun to get this crazy with those New York buildings.

*I should also mention these are an exaggerated/adapted version of the background style for the show, which was developed by Vince Toyama and Kenny McGill, based on the work of Sean "Cheeks" Galloway!

© 2007-2008 Sony Pictures Entertainment. These are presented for scholarly review, please do not use without permission.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Outside the Michael Jackson Memorial

Today Downtown LA was rumbling with the memorial to Michael Jackson, so I spent a little time sketching over by the Staples Center, trying to capture and share a glimpse of what was taking place.

Although the ceremony area was (wisely) blocked off, the city blocks around there were full of people hoping to catch a glimpse, dancing, videotaping, selling things-- even one guy protesting the use of tax money to help hold the memorial (he wasn't very popular).

JJ was pointing out today how almost everyone has at least one memory attached to one of Michael Jackson's songs-- and it made me think, someone who touched so many lives also spent so much of his life struggling for acceptance by the world around him. Interesting how, now that he's passed on, the world has reacted with a mixture of grief, celebration, jeers, profiteering, and a delayed chorus of appreciation for his music... everywhere you passed today, Michael Jackson was playing on the radio.

Update: these were featured on iReport! Wowza!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Spectacular Spider-Man BG

I was thinking, since The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 is now officially on the air, it would be fun to share some backgrounds I painted for the show.

Usually one to two background keys are painted here in the states for a location and used as a guide for the overseas studios to work from when they paint the MANY angles we see. Those of us here have it easy in that respect! :)

This is a background that was featured in this week's episode, "Reinforcement". The layout was designed and drawn by Vince Toyama.

"Reinforcement" was written by Andrew Robinson and directed by Mike Goguen. For background color, it was colorscripted by Mike Inman, with painting by Mike, Chun Liu, and myself! This doesn't even include our producers Greg and Vic, all the talented folks designing and coloring characters, and the production crew that kept us going. The episode was produced overseas by Hanho Heung Hp Co Ltd. --GO team!

Check out the Spectacular Spider-Man Mondays and Fridays on Disney XD!

Conversations over Coffee

Here's some sketches I did at a local coffee place.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bourne on the Fourth of July

Here's some scribbly warmups I did today, watching and pausing The Bourne Ultimatum.

To all of you here in the States, happy 4th!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Speedpaint Warmup- Hugh Jackman

Yesterday my painting paw was a little slow getting back into doing some colors, so I did this quick piece to get back in the swing of things.

Headed over to's Drawing Jam section; this month's subject was Hugh Jackman. I picked the photo this is based on because it was the most dynamic and had a nice graphic shape with the black suit.


Swamped on some comic pages and don't want to lose my posting streak. Thanks for checking out my work everybody, it is really encouraging!

Here's a warmup sketch I did on Tuesday, of the REAL hard workers sweatin' it over on Los Angeles street.

In another life I'm a socio-journalist and just document all day long... :) ~

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Drawing Salon - "Vaudeville"

Here's my drawings from another Friday night Drawing Salon. June's theme was "Vaudeville".

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drawing Salon - "Animals and Beasts"

A study from The Gallery Girls' "Late Night Drawing Salon". The theme was "Animals and Beasts", hence the animal-ish costumes.

A few of the drawings I've posted only over at my deviantart account:

Film Crew

Here's some sketches of crew members and extras from a movie they're filming at the old bank down the street. The big light on the crane is being used to shine in through the windows (which were covered with gold plastic sheeting), I guess so they can shoot day scenes in the evening.

The film is evidently called "A Movie" because that's the answer I got when I asked security what they were filming. Not very original, maybe that's the working title.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sketch Explosion! 4 - Skate Park

These are some studies from SketchClub on Friday... we went to the skate park in Culver City (great suggestion Marcelo!) This was a lot of fun, just quick and expressive sketches.

The really good skateboarders stay "in the zone" even when they're waiting or taking a break they are leaning into it, balancing. And even though the park requires everyone to wear a helmet, almost no one fastens them. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sketch Explosion! 3 - Frazetta GIrl

Here's some drawings from The Drawing Club a few weeks back-- the theme was "Frazetta Girl", a model character based on the women of fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta. A great theme!

If you're in LA you can join in the fun every Thursday-- more info at Check out the blog there for one image I didn't post here and everyone else's awesome work!