Monday, November 24, 2008

London Calling

Hallo everyone! 

Although I've broken my run of posting, I haven't fallen off the map completely-- just the local map.  JJ and I got a great last-minute deal to visit London for the holiday, so I'm putting things on hold for a bit.  (I was hoping to post a few sketches and photos while we're here, but wifi's expensive)  It's pretty frigid over here but we're having a great time and checking out lots of art in warm, dry museums :)

We're also moving to a new apartment when we get back, so I may be off the net for a bit; I'll get back to the hero work (those suggestions you guys posted) once all that settles down.



mez said...

Make sure you guys go to Camden Locks Market! You will not be disappointed. Its like Bladerunner dude.

Mike Terry said...

I really like your style of work.
Coolness to the power of ten!