Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sketch Explosion! 4 - Skate Park

These are some studies from SketchClub on Friday... we went to the skate park in Culver City (great suggestion Marcelo!) This was a lot of fun, just quick and expressive sketches.

The really good skateboarders stay "in the zone" even when they're waiting or taking a break they are leaning into it, balancing. And even though the park requires everyone to wear a helmet, almost no one fastens them. :)


Brian said...

All your sketches are looking awesome. Thes skate ones seem way looser than usual. Lots of good movement.

Joey Mason said...

Thanks Brian! This is kind of what I have going on underneath the other drawings but it was fun to keep the looseness center stage here. Too bad looseness doesn't pay the rent in Flash/CGI land.