Monday, July 06, 2009

Spectacular Spider-Man BG

I was thinking, since The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 is now officially on the air, it would be fun to share some backgrounds I painted for the show.

Usually one to two background keys are painted here in the states for a location and used as a guide for the overseas studios to work from when they paint the MANY angles we see. Those of us here have it easy in that respect! :)

This is a background that was featured in this week's episode, "Reinforcement". The layout was designed and drawn by Vince Toyama.

"Reinforcement" was written by Andrew Robinson and directed by Mike Goguen. For background color, it was colorscripted by Mike Inman, with painting by Mike, Chun Liu, and myself! This doesn't even include our producers Greg and Vic, all the talented folks designing and coloring characters, and the production crew that kept us going. The episode was produced overseas by Hanho Heung Hp Co Ltd. --GO team!

Check out the Spectacular Spider-Man Mondays and Fridays on Disney XD!

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