Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gypsies & Thieves

Been a busy dude lately, but I made it out to the Late Night Drawing Salon last night. This month's theme was "Gypsies of Malabomba"!

The Gallery Girls hold a monthly figure drawing sessions in Downtown and at Drink 'n' Draw in Hollywood, along with other long and short pose workshops around town. To get updates about future events, email Jen at to join the mailing list.

What is Malabomba? Hear the best music you've never heard at The Bordello Bar every 3rd Thursday-- Balkan Brass Beats, Romany Rock 'n Roll, Turkish Garage, Persian Mambo, Ethiopian Soul, Bollywood Funk, Peruvian Psychedelic Cumbia, Soviet Disco, and more! Visit for more info.


David Reyes said...

awesome lines bro!

Jon Casey said...

THESE are really cool! I hope your doing well, happy new years pal.

Ben Hatke said...

Man, dude, that last one is awesome! I wish I had an event like this in my area.

k said...

gypsies & thieves... where are the tramps?