Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quest For Tomorrow Preview Pages

Now that the Free Comic Book Day preview is out, I've got the go ahead to share a few pages of Quest for Tomorrow!

This scene is a bit of a standalone from the main story... the main character, Jim, just got word that his family is moving off-planet, and these scenes are from his last night hanging out with his friends. I'm posting art-only here, but you can check out lettered pages over at Bluewater Productions.

I'm pretty happy with how these came out (despite fighting off the flu while I was finishing them!) but I'm looking forward to what you guys think!

Keep checking back here (or at Bluewater) for news of when the first issue will be out.

Joeymason Questfortomorrow7
Joeymason Questfortomorrow8 Joeymason Questfortomorrow9Joeymason Questfortomorrow10

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