Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Spidey Hits the Shelves

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Hey everybody! Run run run out today and pick up your copy of The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated: "Attack of the Lizard" on dvd! This is the first dvd release, and weaves the first 3-episode story arc together as a feature-length movie. I think there's a bit of extra footage as well-- a few of the dvds will have a little animation that was cut for tv. So you get all that, plus great dvd sales help make the case for more episodes! :D

Joeymason Spidstreet

Here's a painting I did back in the early days of the show. This is painted in Photoshop, over a line drawing that was provided by our killer layout department, Vince Toyama, Kenny McGill, Art Morales, and a few freelancers. Not sure who drew this one, but I will give credit on ones where I do know!

Generally, background painters do a number of key paintings like this that the overseas studios use as reference, when creating the hundreds that go into each episode. For The Spectacular Spider-Man, we send about 40-50 paintings for the average show. (about half of those are new, others are reuse locations)

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supreme nothing said...

That rocks Joey! I really hope you share for "inside the industry" kind of technical stuff. I'd love to read more of that. And of course, more artwork!