Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic-Con 2007

Man! Comic-Con International was on fire this year!

The exhibit hall was filled to the brink all four days, and thanks to some kind folks running Artist's Alley, I was able to get a table last minute and get set up there for the very first time. (Thanks for the help, Clydene!)

It was great seeing so many good friends at the show -- hanging out with Mez, Rachel, Gabe, Bill & Karen, Tod & Corey, Sean, Carlo, Jeff, Donna, Vic, Sonia, Sanford, and Jan -- and seeing Alberto, Tanya, Wardell, John & Shelley, Steve, Brian, Howard $, Barrett, Greg, and Randy again. Also glad to meet Tom, Koi, Alan, Howard, Gayley, Francisco, Christine, Bruce & Tracy, and Micah, as well as all the other cool enthusiasts, artists and colleagues who I ran into! (if I left you out, please forgive the ol' memory, it's smokin' trying to process the last few days)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, your encouragement means a great deal-- and especially those who took home a sketchbook or a print. You made the trip out possible.

Yes, I've finally put together my first real sketchbook, "Tangent". It's 120 jam-packed pages of perfect bound life drawings, sketches and doodles from the last few years. If you missed the con you can still check it out and grab a copy here:

A big congrats goes out to my buddy, the ever-talented Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway, and the entire team on The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series-- they had a great panel on Friday. They introduced the show and even showed a short teaser clip, which looks... spectacular!

If you didn't get a chance to see, it's up online here [link] Check it out!


Anyways, I'm all charged up and inspired from CCI, so I'm pledging to share my work a little more regularly this year... keep watching, you guys!


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